Updated to reflect 2017-2018 Awana Season costs.

Use the below calculator to get an estimate of the cost for registering for Awana.

We are asking parents to pay for their child’s dues, handbooks and uniforms at the beginning of the year if at all possible. We understand that this might not be possible for everyone. PLEASE Contact Us to make arrangements if ANY of the costs would prohibit your child from attending.

Club Dues

The Club Dues are used to assist with the cost of special events and extra materials that are used throughout the Awana year.


Uniforms ARE NECESSARY for the Awana clubbers to receive and display their awards. Awards will not be given to a clubber who is not wearing his or her uniform. New clubbers will receive their uniforms when they complete their entrance booklets. Clubbers returning to the same club may wear their uniforms beginning the first night of Awana.


The heart of the Awana program is Scripture memorization. Each club has an age-appropriate handbook which contains sections with Biblical truths and passages to memorize. To successfully complete a handbook, clubbers will need to work on Scripture memory and other activities at home.Studying is required! Clubbers need to study at home and be prepared to say their sections before they arrive at club. This is where you, the parents, come in. Become familiar with your child’s handbook. Spend time each week with your child to help them understand and memorize their sections. Your help and encouragement is the single greatest factor in your child completing his/her handbook. We encourage each clubber to set a goal of completing an entire handbook each year. By passing 2-3 sections each week (except for Cubbies) your clubber will easily complete the handbook by the end of the year.

Use the below calculator to help with looking at the total cost of for your family: