AWANA2016Online registration is now open for the 2017-2018 Awana season. Visit our Registration Page to get a jump start on signing your kids up!

AWANA is an international organization with over 12,000 churches in the U.S. and nearly 13,000 clubs worldwide. Each week more than 1.5 million kids participate in Awana. You can visit their website at AWANA is an acronym standing for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed, based on 2 Timothy 2:15: “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

Calvary Bible Chapel hosts this exciting, Bible-based, weekly children’s program. We meet on Wednesday nights from 6:45-8:15pm (check-in begins at 6:30pm) during the school year (September-May). Check out our Calendar for up to date information about Awana dates and themes.

We offer three Awana clubs for children from 3 years old to 6th grade:

Cubbies (3 & 4 Years old.  Must be 3 years old by 9/30/17)

  • All Cubbies begin in the Apple Acres Entrance booklet each year.
  • Upon completion of entrance booklet, Cubbies receive handbook & uniform.
  • All Cubbies work in the same book each year.
  • All Cubbies work on the same section each week.
  • Any missed sections may be said after the current week’s sections.
  • Returning Cubbies may wear uniform beginning on first night of club.

Sparks   (K – 2nd Grade)

  • All new Sparks begin in the Flight 3:16 entrance booklet.
  • Upon completion of entrance booklet, Sparks will receive handbook and uniform.
  • All new Sparks will begin in the HangGlider handbook, regardless of grade level.
  • Kindergartners may only work in HangGlider.  They may begin book review or purchase extra credit book upon completion of handbook.
  • 1st graders may proceed into WingRunner handbook upon completion of HangGlider.
  • 2nd graders may proceed into SkyStormer handbook upon completion of first two handbooks.
  • All sections must be worked in order. No skipping around. (there are a few exceptions)

Truth & Training   (3rd-6th Grade)

This year we will be using the new curriculum developed by the folks at Awana. All students will be recieving the same book and be moving thorugh each section in small groups. This new curriculum is designed to focus more on small group disucssions and allow a deeper discipleship to happen between the leaders and the kids. For more detailed information about the new curriculum, please visit Awana’s website Here’s a breif summery of how the new books are organized:

1. Small Group Discussion Questions
The first few pages of each section should be reviewed at home. The main focus during Section
Time will be to review and discuss these questions in detail, with a leader and a small group of
T&T kids. We will be working on one section each week during the course of the Awana season.

2. Memory and Review Verses
The kids should be practicing these verses at home, as often as possible. After the kids finish
the small group discussion, they will have an opportunity to say their memory verses. Once the
kids have completed this, they get their section signed off by their leader. Awards are given after
every four (4) sections are completed. This includes the Small Group Discussion Questions and
the memory and review verses.

3. The Bonus Activity
This part of the section doesn’t need to be completed, but should be completed at home as they
usually involve some parental assistance to complete.

4. The Silver and Gold Extra Credit
The Silver section is typically an activity that relates to the overall lesson for each section. These
are typically easy enough for the kids to complete either at home or during any free time at
Awana. The Gold section typically includes four (4) additional memory verses, which can be
completed at any time. Awards are given after completing all of the Silver or Gold sections per

General Information About Our Program

Awana Schedule

  • Awana meets Wednesday nights from 6:45-8:15pm, September – May.
  • Our first night of Awana is September 13th, 2017
  • The schedule is still being constructed, so please check back for the holiday breaks and special events.
  • Note: during the winter, if L’Anse Creuse Public Schools are closed, we will not have Awana.

Check-In & Pick-Up

Check-in begins at 6:30pm.  We encourage you to arrive a few minutes early so we can start the club promptly at 6:45pm.  Leaders will be present to supervise early arrivals.  Parents must accompany their children into the building to check in.  For your child’s safety, we will not allow them to exit the gym without a parent/guardian. You must come into the gym to pick them up. You are welcome to arrive early (8:10pm) and observe the award time & team winner announcements which take place at the end of every meeting. Please enter the gym and stand/sit along the wall(s).  DO NOT stand by the doors.


Each family must fill out a new Awana Registration form each year they participate in Awana.  This form allows us to keep an accurate record of who our active Clubbers are and to have current contact information.  Since we do occasionally provide snacks (weekly for Cubbies), please fill in the allergy/medical portion of the registration form if your child has a food allergy or other medical condition of which we should be aware.

Fill out the green Registration and Contact Information form and bring it on the first night, or register online:


Uniforms ARE NECESSARY for the Awana clubbers to receive and display their awards. Awards will not be given to a clubber who is not wearing his or her uniform.  New clubbers will receive their uniforms when they complete their entrance booklets.  Clubbers returning to the same club may wear their uniforms beginning the first night of Awana.


An important part of the Awana program is Scripture memorization.   Each club has an age-appropriate handbook which contains sections with Biblical truths and passages to memorize.  To successfully complete a handbook, clubbers will need to work on Scripture memory and other activities at home.    This is where you, the parents, come in.  Become familiar with your child’s handbook.  Spend time each week with your child to help them understand and memorize their sections.  Your help and encouragement is the single greatest factor in your child completing his/her handbook.  We encourage each clubber to set a goal of completing an entire handbook each year.  By passing 2-3 sections each week (except for Cubbies) your child will easily complete the handbook by the end of the year.

Special Notes

  • Each child in Sparks and Truth & Training earns points for their team individually as well as during game time.  Points earned individually include: saying sections (50 pts each section), attendance (25 pts), participating in that night’s theme (25 pts), wearing their uniform (50 pts), bringing their handbook (50 pts) and bringing a bible (50 pts).  Anyone who brings a friend earns 100 points (the first time that friend attends).
  • Cubbies do not earn points, but are encouraged to participate in the theme nights, wear their uniforms and bring their handbooks.
  • Do not allow your child to bring toys, dolls, stuffed animals, etc., to Awana (unless the theme allows it). This is a distraction to your child and the other children as well. Please leave these items at home or in your car.
  • During awards time, do not permit or encourage your child to leave the awards circle.  If they do, please encourage them to return and sit quietly.  If they continue to get up, please sit with them on the awards circle.

Dues, Handbook and Uniform Prices

We are asking parents to pay for their child’s dues, handbooks and uniforms at the beginning of the year if at all possible.  We understand that this might not be possible for everyone.  PLEASE CONTACT US to make arrangements if ANY of the costs would prohibit your child from attending.

Please visit our Awana Expenses Page to calculate any Dues for this year’s Awana season.